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First Aid Kit Repairs Souls

Posted by Scotio on May 10, 2008

First Aid Kit is probably the best band that you’ve never heard of. Hailing from Spain, this guy-girl duo(Carles Querol & Agnès Aran) conjures up some of the most enchanting music that can ever be heard with ears. Agnès is the lead singer of the band and she sings in English with an easily recognizable accent. The music is just crazy. Combining elements of Shoegazing, Electronics and Post-Rock, they create magic in the form of melody. Sounding like My Bloody Valentine, Explosions In The Sky, and a mother singing a soothing lullaby. They released their first LP titled F1rst in 2006, to virtually no notice over in USA. Which is completely sad. The album housed the mesmerizing songs “Still On Fire,” “Forgotten Sky” and “Greenish.” Actually, each tune on the album featured something that seemed to play at your lost childhood: an age of innocence and wonder. I would dare anyone to listen to them and state their distaste for their music. If such happened, I’d have to call the person a heartless monster. The duo turned around and decided to release a new collection of songs equally as soul lifting in 2008 on the album Plaits. Again, singing in English, the Querol & Aran bring more of the same. And, no, it isn’t something that would make listeners fret for feeling that they’ve already heard the music before. Why? Because it takes you back to the same wonderland that you went to when you heard their first work. Their lead single from this album is “Truth Can Hurt.” The video for the song features three children just being children. Having fun and showing no care for the troubles of the world at large. Wasn’t the world a majestic place when such was the case? The actual first song of this album “Fake/Real” actually has children singing on the song, followed by Carles and Agnès singing together using the same lyrics the children sang before them. It lets you know what you’re in store for the rest of the album. And, frankly, it should never be a problem to enjoy such delightful melodies and the joyous memories/feelings that they bring. If you can find their music, I strongly urgingly demand that you acquire it immediately. Yes, it can change your life . . . yes, it can.

Still On Fire Video:

From The Album:

Truth Can Hurt Video:

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