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MacFarlane’s Still Unspawned Sequel

Posted by C. Cue on April 22, 2008

There are constant mixed emotions regarding the film adaptation of the hit/cult comic series Spawn by Todd MacFarlane. Since being one of the artists for Marvel Comic’s flagship line, Spiderman, Mac went off and did his own thing. Creating a gritty, foul-mouthed, and demented comic that took all the more aggressive comic fans by storm. Yeah, I just mentioned it, it’s Spawn. I, myself, was only a moderate fan of the comic, but the ones I did read . . . brilliant. I guess I can attribute the fact that I was stuck in the middle of nowhere for my high school years, which was the same time that the comic came out, resulting in me not being able to properly collect those little dirty hellfired gems.

Anywho, back to the main topic, the movie. The movie was both a hit & miss amongst many(Mac included). It was a hit to have a leading black Superhero(Anti-Superhero, to be exact) blasted across the cinema with powers that would drive even the nerdest of men into raving blood-crazed maniacs. Most critics panned it as a misstep in Superhero movies. Plus, it didn’t help that Blade came right after it and made most forget all about the film for a few years. So, the sequel stayed in development hell for quite some time. It wasn’t until HBO started pushing the animated series that revived the thirst for on-screen Spawn carnage. So, Mac said that there will be another, and it will be better suited to the series.

It’s 2008, and yet again, they are talking about the movie should come out this year. Almost every year since 2001, they’ve been saying that the movie will be released, eagering rehashed fans of the franchised only to be let down year after year. It’s disappointing, because not only has the movie became a cult-classic, the soundtrack has become an animal of its own right. It spawned 2 hit singles. The entire soundtrack was intelligently created. It mixed Alternative/Metal artists with Electronic geniuses. In fact, no one has been able to successfully emulate the formula that was used(the sequel of the movie that overshadowed the film, Blade II, to unsuccessful results, and even previously, Judgement Night, somewhat did the same but not as strong).  So, the pressure isn’t just to see if they are able to make the film truer to the franchise, but if they are able to make the soundtrack even more groundbreaking than the first.

Again, I state, it’s 2008, and the movie is again said to be on its way to cinemas, or even home entertainment systems. The topic behind the film’s plot has, too, changed multiple times over the years. From it being a direct sequel to the first, to it being based around Sam & Twitch with Spawn making cameo appearances, to it being unrelated to the first film and truer to the franchise. Still, we’ve seen no screen shots. No production shots. No facts of who the writer(s) is going to be. No concrete director. Nothing. But, we still have hope. And, hopefully, the movie(and its soundtrack) can finally be delivered this year with satisfactory results.

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