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Ulterior Has Fiendish Motives

Posted by Scotio on June 9, 2008

I’ve just recently found out about this band Ulterior. I was browsing around and came across their name and a picture of the band(the one listed above). So, I decided to see if I could find anything out about them. Well, the only thing I could find that contained samples of their music was their myspace page. So, I sighed, and clicked away. Usually, when I have to do this, I’m treated to a bunch of rubbish and foolishness that makes me wish I saved the last 1 min and 42 seconds of my life that it took me to visit their page. Surprise Surprise. I was in store for something altogether different than whatever I was expecting. The band is just mind melting. It’s music that’s hard to place inside of one category. They blend electronics, with shoegazing and 70’s styled Punk music. It’s like one big giant WTF. What’s odd is that, the music isn’t really that hard to perform. It’s quite repetitive in it’s nature. Yet, for some strange reason, it’s highly addictive and infectious. For me, out of all the music I listed that it combines, I think the spirit of it is closer to that of 70’s punk. With it’s no holds barred style, coupled with the cocky yet drugged out uncertainty. It’s just so dirty, rugged, and unshaped that it’s almost beautiful. I literally used profanity out loud when I first heard their music. Which was their song “Weapons.” What followed that was their more structured, if you could call it that, song “15.” But, what sealed the deal and made me stare into my monitor as if it was going to nod up and down and say or flash the words “Yes, I know. I feel the same way as you. I’m just as blown away.” was the track titled “Dream Dream.” I mean, I’ve heard a lot of retro music, recently. Most I like, not all, but a good bit. THIS, though, this is something completely and totally different. It’s strange enough for me to request that the water from their well in the UK be checked for some sort of contaminant or something. And, if there is anything found inside of the water, it should be bought and sold to the stupid recording artists hogging the radio and TV airwaves with their slapstick joke-for-talent music. I feel like writing/emailing all the major acts that are going to be touring my area in the next few months and demand that they add these guys as opening acts. Seriously, it’s like their music is some sort of hypnotizing rhythm that should be treated as a possible controlled substance, or even something that could contain subliminal messaging demanding your full attention. I can’t go on about them enough. I’m just really hoping that this British 4-piece band comes together and pushes out an album sometime between the end of this article and 76 mins til my death. Which should be just long enough for me to hear it twice. Then, I can brag about hearing it at whatever is next after this life. Do check them out, and tell them to push out an album IMMEDIATELY if you enjoy it.



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Dresden Dolls Told Virginia The Truth

Posted by Scotio on April 24, 2008

Ever since Trent Reznor asked The Dresden Dolls to open for Nine Inch Nails during NIN’s tour that ended in the latter portion of 2007, folks have been paying more attention to Boston’s Cross-Dressing Dark Cabaret Duo. It resulted in heavy legal(and illegal) downloads of the band’s discography, and purchases of the physical copies. The male portion of the duo, Brian Viglione, was even asked by Reznor to do some drumming for his Ghosts I-IV project. The self-proclaimed Brechtian Punk Cabaret band has released a compilation of B-Sides and unadded/unreleased Album cuts called No, Virginia…. Which, if you’re familiar with them, is a spin on their sophomore album, Yes, Virginia. They aren’t bringing out anything new from the bag for this(which is obvious considering it’s a compilation of already completed tracks). Still, they give you that same sound & word-play combination that you’ve come to love from them. On “Ultima Esperanza,” Amanda Palmer beautiful runs her vocals along with the sounds that she is emitting from her piano. Viglione brings out the runaway train on his drumset. With talented and remarkable songs such as these, it’s hard to fathom how people with creative souls couldn’t be drawn to this band like moths congregating around a flame. On the proceeding track, “Gardener,” the duo takes it down to a really slow and arousing place. With soft, provocative singing and metaphorically sensual lyrics it entices and beckons you to come inside for some good 2 on 1 fun. The tune “Sorry Bunch” has the best potential of actually appearing on radio stations and gain up a following for the group. The howling call running in the background while Palmer sings the chorus completely gives the band it’s first chance of a commercial hit. Not that they need it, because anyone of importance knows them by now. Their cover version of “Pretty In Pink,” is not only equally as groovy as the original, but they do it in the way they are most comfortable, making the song theirs. Originally done by The Psychedelic Furs and inspired a fundamental Brat Pack film of the same name, you have to know that somewhere, John Hughes will think about revamping that movie just to add this rendition in there. A lot of folks say that their sound works best with the group Rasputina, being that it’s noted for the similar vocal works of Palmer and Melora Creager. But, Dresden offers a more dark broadway type of style, where as Rasputina is a dark fairy tale. If you haven’t gotten into the band, and you have a thing for the 18th Century lifestyle(and, no, it doesn’t require you to be Emo in any form), then you should give them a whirl. Hell, even if you just want to try out something new and try to see what a Living Legend saw in them, give them a shot. You might just find yourself ordering 3-Piece suit with a chain-linked pocket watch. Well, maybe not, but you could end up with some good music that deserves a decent listen.



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