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Hadouken! is STILL repetitive

Posted by Scotio on April 24, 2008

Yeah, you know of Hadouken! if you have an internet connection and an ear to the new in music. And, no, I’m not talking about the fireball that Ryu & Ken released with dramatic fashion. And, there has been tremendous hype behind their actual full-length release. Music For An Accelerated Culture is that release. It was so hyped, that someone actually falsely handed out a so-called advance of the album, only to be found out that the album was just a constant loop of the first 30 seconds of each song for the individual song’s tracklisted length. Many fell prey to the rouse(yours truly, included). And, the band told the public to wait for their actual release as it would be better than what was deceivingly passed out. So, folks waited, eagerly believing that it will rock their socks off with groovyness that has yet to be released musically. They laughed at how folks said the songs were highly repetitive(again, yours truly included). So, finally, the real reviewable advance was released. And . . . sadly . . . it’s not much of a big whoopdee-doo, either. And, again, the bloody thing is repetitive. Not the actual songs, but the album itself. The same sounds are used to death. The vocal stylings are everything you’ve heard before from the band. Even some of the riff melodies are repeated on multiple songs. It’s quite a sad thing from such a promising band. And, sadly, there still isn’t a “Leap Of Faith” track on here. A track that started off with promise was “What She Did.” That was until that same run-of-the-hadouken!-mill sound kicked in for the chorus. Actual promising tracks are the more MTV beach party jam, “Driving Nowhere,” and the most brilliant track on the album, “Wait For You.” Though it’s no “Leap of Faith,” it’s still the brightest shining gem on this giant blended blunder. So, again, either this band’s fireball fizzled out or they are so highly accelerated that I need an IV of Red Bull in my veins to catch up to them. Either or, the album holds about the force as a Hadouken by Ryu or Ken when using a weak punch button.




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