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Grey Monday Unchains The Spirit Of Alice

Posted by C. Cue on May 7, 2008

Grunge music. It was such a groundbreaking departure in sound for the late 80’s early 90’s rock music. It was dirty, gritty, grimy, and unapologetic. The artists who made it were the same way. One of the harder of the bands for the grunge movement was Alice In Chains. New band, Grey Monday, channels the spirit of the iconic grunge outfit on their debut album Thirteen Sharp. Housing exactly 13 songs, and each of them very piercing pieces of music, it’s not hard to figure out the naming of this album. The band hails from Switzerland, and is around the same age the members of AIC were when they broke through the Industry’s tape. The crunch guitar riffs of Dömu and the bassy growl of Pad does more than just bring to mind Jerry and Layne. Clearly marking a strong alternative for the pop sound that their country is infamous for. The album opens up to a low rumbling thunderous build-up with the track, “Nightmare.” With distortion run a muck and bass trembling out of your speaker system, you have no choice but to allow your starting weekday to get gloomy with excitement. Steff, the band’s drummer, leaves no head untapped with monstrous authority. This is the type of opener that lets you know Pandora has little to compete against. The band goes into a Heavy Metal frenzy on “Everything,” giving forth gallops galore and intricately simple guitar attacks. Still, the charisma that this young band possesses pulls you in enough that you simply lose yourself amongst their powerfully charged performance. “Hate At First Sight” could easily be a head turning single if they choose to release it as their lead. Pad switches from Layne to Aaron Lewis with his vocal stylings for this tune, and the band, for the most part, follows suit. It turns into a battle between Dömu and Sam(the band’s bassist) for dominance on the tune. GM offers you so much on this track that it’s hard to just sit there and care about merely on facet of it. If you haven’t found your inner badass by the time you come to the song “Come Closer,” then you’re about to meet him/her head on for this cut. This some of the sexiest guitar strumming that has been missing in most of the heavier side of rock music. I’d go so far to say that you should be required to house a Harley in your garage to listen to this song the whole way through. But, don’t think this act is a one trick pony. “Two Coins” hosts their softer more thought-provoking side. Even throwing in a piano melody inside of it to bring out more from their listeners. Though it’s no “Nothing Else Matters” it is a good show of what is to come from this promising act. The most standout track from this brilliant ensemble of music is definitely a tie between “The Vicious Circle” and “Shadow, I Am Your Sun.” The latter featuring, what I feel, is the pure soul of this band. Playing between softer, mellow moments and heavy grunge-tinged power chords, it’s hard not to fall in love with this song. This is what Nickelback wishes they could even try to achieve. The former of the two is the album closer. And, it’s such a grand way to end such a wonderful start. Bringing the force and the growls needed to start hair swinging and bar-top dances. This song is 100% rebel music. The type of music that folks who really go against the grain listens to(or those who wish they could). Matter of fact, the whole album is that way. And, the way it was made doesn’t show the band’s immaturity. Truly, fans of this genre should rejoice that they have new champions to hold up as representatives for their pent up and held back aggression.



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