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E For Explosion Finally Detonates

Posted by C. Cue on May 18, 2008

I’ll admit something here: I like some Emo. SOME. Not all. Indie/Emo like bands. Those, I like. JamisonParker was one such band I thoroughly enjoyed. I used to champion them to my friends and peers. I converted quite a few folks over to their musical depressive coolness. Then, they did one of the most horrible things. They broke up. So, I was stuck with a bunch of other new fans wondering what the hell happened. Jamison Covington just was through. Dunno why, but he was. After some time, he created a “band” called E For Explosion. I use the quotation marks because in the studio, it was primarily just him creating all the pieces to the puzzle for this new act. I heard their Paper Flowers EP, and thought “Hmm . . . it’s like JP, but with electronic ambience.” And, yeah, it was pretty darn groovy. Well, the “band” has a full-length release titled Reinventing The Heartbeat. That’s quite a bold title for a record. I mean, to say that it is supposed to be music that makes your heart beat like it found new life is a very cocky statement, in my book. So, let’s see if this music lives up to the statement, shall we? The first track on the album, “Sunday” is an ambient heavy starter. It sounds like something that would open up an underwater documentary film. With Jamison’s vocals just as whisper-like and airy, it adds more to the music than it would if he flat out sung. Halfway through the song, though, he brings in shoegazing-styled guitar work. Now, if you’re not a fan of the shoegazing, then this album is going to piss you off. He seemed to have heard My Bloody Valentine, and decided it would work well with his new style. Strangely enough, it does. The title track follows suit from the movement that the first song brought to the table. It’s a blend of Shoegazing and Indie-Emo that is incredibly uplifting and saddeningly depressing(but, in a good way) at the same time. That’s not an easy feat for an act to accomplish. Especially if it’s primarily a solo one. I’m actually glad that he included the song “Echoes” on this album. It was my favorite track from the EP. Romantically beautiful, and hurtfully honest . . . that’s what this song is. This song is like a total and complete depiction of being 100% in love. And, it’s hard not to fall in love with the track. Even moreso if you have ever felt such a way for someone. It isn’t filled with loud abrasive guitar work. Just a simple acoustic melody and soft electronic sounds. No drum track, either. Which is impressive to be so moving without feeling like your feet need to be in motion. The LP also includes the songs “Paper Flowers Never Die,” “I Explode” and “Antarctica” from the EP, as well as the finished version of the song “Behind Every Breathe.” “See You Soon” is very much a “Night at the beach with fire around” type of song. Again, featuring no electric guitars, but rather acoustic ones, and a string section that swoons and sways you over. “Unit 402” pushes more towards a much more sober and personal moment. Jamison switches instruments of attack, moving from the guitar to the piano. Singing more about being tormented over the loving memories of a love-lost, it’s hard not to relate to the lonely soldier. The most upbeat moment(if you choose to call it that) is the song “Saving Lives.” Owing more to a moment from The Breakfast Club and other flicks from the 80’s the promoted the music from bands who later dominated radio airwaves with a similar sound than anything else. The formation and application of the concept of the song is just breathtaking. It swings you when it needs to, calms and leaves you inching closer at the right time, then builds back up with perfect execution. No, this isn’t a page-by-page rewrite of JamisonParker, but rather the reason why Jamison walked off the stage that day. He wanted more emotional music. And, in a very intelligent Coffee Shop Emo kind of way, he’s found just what he was looking for. For him, I’ll applaud and a nod everytime I sip my White Mocha beverage from Starbucks. Now, where the hell is Parker Case’s I And The Universe?



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