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Twitter Me This…

Posted by Scotio on June 15, 2009

For anyone odd enough to even be interested . . . I, too, am on the infamous site known as “Twittter” . . . you’re now allowed to shake in your boots.

But, yes, I’m on there. If, for any reason, you want to follow me . . . or state something to me in a short & brief manner, you can find me here:


Feel free to dispute, disrupt or discuss anything you want. I’m game. Artists & fans whom stumble across my reviews, you’re more than welcome to state what you feel about it there. And, any time I drop a new review, article(yes, I can do those) or random outburst(those are coming soon to a wordpress near you) I’ll be posting a link to it there.

EDIT 2.0: I have decided to reactivate my twitter account. This time, there is no plans to sit around gossiping and gabbing at artists like some silly little fan. My “tweets” will be towards artists, news, or other events that are all media based. If it serves no purpose towards making OpinionHated more successful and my goal of becoming a professional writer more realistic, then I won’t even bother with it. So, hopefully, this ship can be steered into clearer waters.


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