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The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus Are Alone On This Road

Posted by Scotio on February 12, 2009


The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus is a quartet from Florida that some of you little keen to the music scene kids might have heard about. Their major label debut, Don’t You Fake It, caused quite the headturning situation in the alternative music radio world. They weren’t too emo, but they weren’t too serious, either. It was the perfect balance of fun and abstract youth. They’ve recently released their second album with Virgin Records entitled Lonely Road. Sadly, I’ve never felt such a fitting title to an album.

Lonely Road seems, for some reason, to alienate out the fans of the band whom enjoyed their indepedent release and the strength behind the major label debut. It, instead, fights to dance carelessly across the overly thick line of commercialism. The band seemed like they weren’t entirely sure on what they wanted to accomplish with this effort. On one song, they sound like a Canal Street(see “cheap”) version of Guns N Roses from the early 90’s. Then, they release several songs where they blend in perfectly with the hordes of indistinguishable mainstream alternative acts that has their songs played on Top 40 radio.

If their ultimate goal was to come up with an album that completely dumbed down the work they did on their previous releases, and shoot for the cash registers . . . oh, I’m sorry, I meant iTunes check out area, then they hit a bullseye dead smack center. Fans expecting something more entertaining than their first major offering, or even something of equal caliber, will be very disappointed. Hell, you’re tempted to wonder what they were thinking on the song “Believe.” It combines a pitiful attempt at combining DooWop with “Contemporary Rock.” I guess they were trying to cocktail up a new version of the “Power Ballad.” If this song was a drink, you’d be waking up with Shrek’s relative in your bed wondering how will it be possible to kill yourself without waking them up and saving your life. Even the title track for this album comes across as an unnecessary attempt. The group seems to take a cue from the more famous of “Regular Rock” bands and adds in a Choir to sing out how lonely that road is that they are treading. Yet again, they find themselves releasing something that is best classified as a Wannabe Track. This time, it’s Bon Jovi(today’s version . . . yeah, I know) that they try to emulate only to result in an imitation.

Now, of course it’s not all bad. There are some saving grace songs, such as “Represent” and “Pleads & Postcards.” On these tracks, they give you glimmers of hope of giving you what lured you in the first time around. But, obviously, it’s not enough to buoy this Titanic album. Hopefully, for these four boys, there won’t be any string section strumming out their last moments. Everyone stumbles from time to time, and let’s just have faith that these guys will get it together enough to pull back in the fans that they’ve managed to give cause towards questioning them. Yes, hope for that instead of feeling that the mainstream monster has it’s talons in them, and they’ll only become more of the band that leaves you tirelessly defending their first releases while being pummeled with the fact that their later albums should only be played at a Pre-Teen’s Birthday Party.




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