The Hated Opinionated One

Save Your Soul Because She Wants Revenge

Posted by Scotio on May 19, 2008

Clearly, She Wants Revenge is one of my favorite bands. They were heavily criticized about “ripping off” the Interpol sound. I didn’t think so. I thought they leaned more towards the Dark New Wave sound of Post Punk more than Interpol did . . . plus added in more sexiness to the whole thing. Their first two LPs got brutally attacked by Mainstream critics. Totally unjust for a groovy band with truly high octane potential. Finally leaving Geffen behind and pushing out their own music, the Terrific Twosome pushes out their Save Your Soul ep as their first offering. It’s only a 4 song serving, and it leaves you salivating for more. Starting off the EP is the song “Sugar.” The duo pushes an actual drummer on this. Something that they weren’t known to do in their studio recordings. And, it seriously pushes things up a notch. The bassline is pure gyration inspiration. The drum attacks offers up it’s own sense of sex appeal while Justin pulls it all together with his Joy Division‘s Ian Curtis influenced singing style. Justin & Adam must have used all of the money towards their studio. Yes, it pays off. Following up the buttery smooth mood is “Save Your Soul” the title track to the whole shebang. This song, the guitar riffs remind you of the SWR that you’re most familiar with. But, that lasts for only about 15 seconds into the song. Then, they bring out their new guns to the party, and they make those feet dance. The chorus is an easy chanting “Save your soul before it’s too late/Save your soul before it’s too late… `Cuz nothings going to change my mind/Nothings going change the ways.” It’s so infectious that it should require a vaccine to prevent you from being absorbed if you’re not normally into this type of music. Marching behind this song is the tune “Sleep.” Bass heavy as it wants to be, and old school Post-Punk drumming to make all you children of the lost generation feel found once again. It’s the most normalized rock song that you’re going to get from this. You’d be a fool not to feel the UK’s influence lacing everything about this song. The closer track, “A Hundred Kisses,” is the most envelope pushing song of all four. Coming in with a sound resting somewhere between Shoegazing and Ambience, they follow it up with something that they aren’t used to pulling out on their audiences: An Acoustic Guitar. The most mellow of all of the songs, and the most heartwarming of them, as well. It’s a captivating tune, and it demands that you fall into Stockholm Syndrome for it. The band is going in new, more bold directions. I guess with their creative freedom finally being held in their hands brings out the best in them. So, if this is just a 4 track delivery, I can’t wait to see what they are going to do for their next Full-Length that is supposed to reach their fans later this year.




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