The Hated Opinionated One

Maybeshewill, But I Know I Would Definitely

Posted by Scotio on May 11, 2008

Post-Rock is a beautiful thing. But, only when done right. Well, that’s with everything right? Well . . . everything except pancakes. But, I stray. So, this British Post-Rock band, Maybeshewill is as beautiful as a Botticelli Cherub. The foursome group implements some of the most grooviest rock orchestrations, with the perfect blend of electronics on their album Not For Want Of Trying. Think of them as a more softer side of 65daysofstatic, but not too soft . . . not by much. Well, on some songs, yes. But, allow me to continue, ok? The UK outfit is primarily a DIY one. They set up their own bookings, handle their own money, and produce their own music. They feel that music should be fun for the creator and not just the listener. And, yes, they seemed to be having fun jamming out for these sessions. Each track takes you to a new place, covers a new ground, and places in you a new vulnerable, yet empowering, state. The guys have a great sense of humor. They even named one of their songs “The Paris Hilton Sex Tape.” Though everyone has seen the tape whether they wanted to or not, not everyone has heard their musical rendition of that “Night In Paris.” And, if the sex tape was as grippingly moving as this music is, it probably would have made that nightvision moment that much more memorable. With sonic blastings of walls of guitar sounds, and a machine gun drum set-up, not to mention a motivating piano performance, it compels you to almost take up Prince of Persia-styled Free Running. Hopefully, you won’t do that unless you’re actually trained for it. On the title track, the quartet assaults listeners right out of the gate with blasting shoegazing power chords. Then, they pull out a Peter Finch sound sample from his speech in the movie Network. The music turns down for the first time the sample is used. Allowing Finch’s words to build you up where the music was formerly taken you. Then, when it comes back on, the music becomes one of the best backing tracks to such a stirring and teeth-clenching moment in movie history. It’s hard to say that this band is going to be the band that breaks Post-Rock into mainstream attention. Especially when Explosions In The Sky still didn’t hit that mark after creating the backing sound for the movie Friday Night Lights. But, it’s even harder to say that this band doesn’t have the goods to blow the socks right off of your feet and straight through the front of your shoes.




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