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The Bianca Story Is A Tale To Be Told

Posted by Scotio on May 9, 2008

Recently, Pop music . . . or rather Indie Pop has came back in by the flood-folds. Yes, headphones, radio waves and music video stations everywhere have been swamped by the storm of new bands who just seem to want to have a good time tickling away at their guitar strings. Europe being the central point of such an output . . . specifically England. But, you can’t count out the Swiss. They’ve been dumping it out by the truckloads as well. The band The Bianca Story is one such case. A team of 5 musicians who, supposedly most aren’t from Switzerland, came together and decided that they have something more to offer to that field. The outcome of their collaboration is Hi Society!, which was released in the First Quarter of `08. The first single from the album is “Paper Piano.” Featuring Elia Rediger on lead vocals and a sound somewhere between Vampire Weekend & Arctic Monkeys. The song is strangely moving, as the drums sound live and unfiltered, giving a more personal relationship between the band and the listener(s). It’s an alluring teaser for what one feels the rest of the album would sound like. That is until “Lover” kicks in. The lead vocals are handled by Anna Waibel and the whole sound structure of the band switches to something similar to The Duke Spirit. Taking you completely by surprise, you begin to realize that you can’t pigeonhole this band into one spot. With a such dynamic Lo-Fi recording style, it sounds more like a band taking things into their own hands without worry of a label. “I Should Shout” has the band pulling out 80’s drama synthesizers for assistance on the song. The song seems very intimate in its delivery, with both Elia and Anna having singing parts on the track. The Anna, though, comes in like Lisa Hannigan did on Damien Rice songs. Then, she breaks off into the most powerful part of the song featuring soaringly loud background singing while she chants out “La La La . . . La-La” at the end of the best song on the whole album. One of the funniest moments on the album comes in for the groovy track “Waste Of Time.” Elia, sounding like he wasn’t even in the booth yet, walking around with with the microphone making grunts and moans before the listener starts becoming assault with a trembling bassline that would/should shake the close off of any lass standing near you. The last song on the album is “Sweet & Sour.” Elia and the rest of the band must have had a hard hankering to do a U2-styled song. It’s drifting, beautiful, and somehow ripping. With Anna running her fingers over the ivory keys to add more emotion to the song, you can’t fight against the drifting that comes from listening to this track. Again, this band is not one that is easily categoried. Nor is it one that doesn’t deserve proper attention for present releases and future endeavors. They span across the field of Pop Rock in every sense, and, though it does seem schizophrenic in design, maybe it’s just what this schizophrenic world needs.




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