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Magnetic Morning Draws In Listeners

Posted by Scotio on May 2, 2008

Adam Franklin (of the bands Swervedriver & Toshack Highway) & Sam Fogarine (of the band Interpol) have teamed up and created The Setting Suns, then renamed it to Magnetic Morning . . . and released a self-titled five (5) song EP. Filled with vibrantly smooth guitar work and purely driven drumtracks, the album stands tall on the path to a very productive side-project for both members. They released the album on Record Store Day to help give a nod to those record stores theat refuse to die easy to the corporate giants. On the first track “Cold War Kids,” you’re greeted with softly alluring guitar plucks and subtle yet sober bassline. When the drums kick in and Franklin starts vocally stirring up the mix, it’s officially too late. They have you stuck to them like a paper clip to a horseshoe magnet. Franklin’s voice is like velvet over top of this retro slow-pop musical masterpiece.  The two-piece follow that delightful tune up with an equally mesmerizing one titled “Yesterday’s Flowers.” Again, following the formula of Pop music’s greatest decade, Forgarine’s drums give way to the two-step & sway motion that was popular during that time. The second track of this EP fits well in the backdrop of a very lonely and saddening moment, and for a the first kiss between a newly formed couple at a school dance. “The Way Love Used To Be” is a song that reminds you of the way movies used to be. Specifically Cameron Crowe ones. They pick up the tempo for this one, but don’t kill you with adrenaline or speed. It’s just soft enough to throw you in the flow of the breeze while you’re enjoying a smooth day skateboarding, surfering, or even cruising around in your convertible that only comes out during the summer months. The music plays the key figure of this tune, even slowing down so you can really take a moment to pay attention to the very delightful details at the end, and Franklin’s voice is just along for the assist. The slowest and most introspective song on here is the strangely titled “DontGoToDreamState.” No, that’s not a typo on my part. That’s the actual song title. It can be compared as the sonic interpretation of the space between being awake and sleeping. The place where everything is hazy, but you can still make out what’s going on if you look closely. Which makes it hard to try to listen to the plea to not enter the dreaming world. The only reason I could see not slipping to sleep would be due to the fact that you’d miss the reprise of the first song called “Cold War Kids (Get Claudius).” Sounding just a big more dynamic and orchestrated than the original. Or, that just could be something my imagination created because Franklin’s vocals are not present for this rendition. But, then again, being that it is longer than the original, I must retreat back to my basic instinct on this song. All in all, this new side project, which is renamed after half of a split EP Franklin’s band Toshack Highway had with Sianspheric, is not only charming, but captivating in a sense of pop music that most only border around and few actually dive in completely.


Purchase Off Of iTunes If Your Local Store Doesn’t Have It


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