The Hated Opinionated One

Santo Strikes Gold

Posted by Scotio on April 28, 2008

The UK Pop sensation M.I.A. has her work cut out for her, now. That is because Philadelphia-born New York-based artist Santi White, publicly known as Santogold, has shown how to really do what the Brit was aiming for with her self-titled release. Sounding less goofy pop and more like Robert Smith’s more chipper feminine side, Santo let’s it be known that folks in the States not only know how to have a good time, but make good music to use it as the score for such moments. Santo opens up the album to the sounds of “L.E.S. Artistes,” a wonderful dream pop-ish diddy that embodies the spirit of times that the characters from the film Less Than Zero must have been having. The single “You’ll Find A Way” completes the ensemble of loud colors and small jeans that has, once again, found itself stalking today’s youth. A pure dance track that would have even the most stone faced hardbody at least swaying to the rhythm Ms. Gold provides. On the track “Creator,” Santogold animal calls her way into your ears. With a Caribbean-inspired flow, she rides the bass-heavy electronic onslaught of a beat with more easy than slicing Thanksgiving turkey with an electric knife. The tune “Lights Out” is her most 80’s-revival sounding track on the entire album. With qualities of both The Cure and The Bangles, young listeners are treated to harmonies and melodies that most are too young to remember. The good part about that is it opens the gate for this young generation to go back to a more fun-filled meaningful time in music’s history. “Starstruck” kicks in with some of the most laid-back electronic orchestrations (think R2D2 after he spent a weekend at Cheech & Chong’s) and marching line stomping drum track set up. Without a doubt, this track is the slow grind that every party needs, and it delivers with such tenacity that it should require parental supervision at any Under-18 gathering where this song is played. By the time you get to “Anne,” it’s clear that she has a total and complete grasp on Pop Sensibility like how it should be understood. The last track is a Switch & Sinden remix of “You’ll Find A Way” that blows out of the water anything that Timbaland has been pushing out in the last few years. Santogold is nothing but Pure Gold, all the way through. And is not only a must have, but a NEED to have album for anyone who loves having fun without all the unnecessary dreary parts of life.




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