The Hated Opinionated One

Ladytron’s New Mod’ed Nails

Posted by Scotio on April 11, 2008

Ladytron has become one of the most sought after remix bands by talented artists in today’s market(See Nine Inch Nails‘s recent remix album). But, the band isn’t just a group of lads and gals who will slap a new coat of paint over someone else’s canvas. Being a remarkable Electro-fueled band of their own right, they already have 3 LPs 2 EPs and 1 compilation album under their belt. Now, they teamed up with the mastermind Alessandro Cortini of ModWheelMood & Nine Inch Nails fame to bring the world Velocifero. The song “Ghosts” offer up the same type of bravado as UNKLE’s “Mayday” featuring the up & coming UK Indie Punk act The Duke Spirit. With a bassline that would drive a stone faced cowboy bananas, there’s just no way on this round ball called Earth that someone can snarl at the tune. “Seasons Of Illusions” offers an intoxicating sound of digital dream pop with the monotone nonchalantness of the female lead singer coarse her ease of everything into your system. On “Burning Up Inside,” the band seems to have capture, tamed, and morphed the sensation of Cyndi Lauper during her “Time After Time” era. Eerie cooing goes off in the background during different parts of the song, beckoning you to try your luck with translating the language of spirits. “The Lovers” spins you around like you’re on an amusement park ride from the underworld, but, still, you’re holding onto your lover like there’s not a care in the [under]world. At 2:38, it’s not a lengthy ride, but certainly one you’ll keep in your mental scrap books. By the time “Tomorrow” comes on, you’re questioning if the 90’s were just a long dream and the world just jumped from the 80’s to today. Clearly something directly yanked from that generation with a mixture of today’s technology. The Pop Sensibilities of the most Pop decade in modern music blended in with the gizmos we’ve only thought were an illusion in the making . . . isn’t it cool? Now, I’m not going to sit here and demand that everyone goes out and purchases this delightful album. Because, truth be told, it isn’t for everyone. Some folks would get lost in the midst of the heavy layering on this album and it’s stronger push towards Dream Pop (as I like to call it, Hughes Pop).  Maybe that is due to Cortini’s input on the album, as the layering is similar to a MWM album. Either way, it’s not a grand departure from their original sound, but enough for you to notice the difference. A solid choice, through and through if you’re into this type of tuneage.




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