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The Legends Figures Facts

Posted by Scotio on April 9, 2008

Further experimentation has led The Legends to sounding like The Cure of the 80’s resurrected in the 2000’s, but having a more chipper and high pitched Rob Smith leading them. Truly, it’s something of Pop Brilliance. From the album opener “Heart”, the good old vibes of Brat Pack era comes crashing in on you. But, it’s more than just 80’s revival, here. The implementation of more electronics on this album leads you almost into the domain of the band Figurine. Though not as heavily electronic as the band mention, it is still a good bit different from the other albums released by The Legends. Still, it’s nothing to complain about. On the song “Closer,” you get the opposite side of the emotional spectrum than by the Nine Inch Nails song of the same name. A more euphoric, summer-in-the-sun moment is what it could be attributed to. “Nothing On TV” opens up with digital twinklings that make you feel that you’ve been transported into the Prom Scene of a Tween Film. Once the song kicks in, the digital bass lulls you over as the soundscaped electronics encourage you to go on a daydreaming journey. The chorus shows the only signs of some type of aggression, though it’s wrong to even declare it that. Consider it more of a upbeat chanting of the drums to help you march on time with your mental image. “Disco Sucks” would have to be the heaviest electronic song on the whole album. The irony of the lyrics vs. the beat is hard to ignore. The song sounds like it could easily follow virtually any Daft Punk song in a discotech. Though the album is a definite must have for anyone either born and raised in the 80’s, or those that seem to cling to this new found rehash of love for the 80’s, it wouldn’t be easily accepted by those who totally despise such things. Though not Legends from the that decade, this Swedish Indie-Pop act seems to dive deeper into it with each album as if they’ve gotten in touch with Doc Brown and were rubbing elbows with Marty McFly.

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