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Teenage Satan Worshippers With Style

Posted by Scotio on April 9, 2008

No, this has nothing to do with Satan (unless you’re from the 1800’s and believe that everything electronic is devil related), but this is darn good music for the soul . . . or is it soulful music? Either or, this young new band from Finland is definitely out to get some [much deserved] attention even if it means taking on a controversial name for their act. With their first full length album, they bring what one could call the Finnish version of the debut album by Idiot Pilot but with more bite(by the by, if you haven’t heard that, then you are really one lost to the world of the music that is to come). With distorted guitars running next to keyboard and computer loops while digital drums kick in, this is something that can seriously grab the attention of today’s youth. On “Heavy Metal Nation,” the band sounds more like Shiny Toy Guns with Lestat singing lead. Nothing on it is heavy, not is it metal. It’s very Technology-inspired. Think Blade Runner but in Fast Forward and you have an idea of the sound here. The instrumental track “(Lost Hours)” has to be one of the sexiest electronic songs currently out there. It’s like Futuristic Porn Music from the 70’s (2070’s . . . come on, I said futuristic, people!). The album closer “Happy Hearts” drum track slightly resembles the track “And Then He Kissed Me” by The Crystals. The haunting vocals and disturbingly eerie guitar work does wonders for the whole thing. Bringing to close a phenomenal musical assault by a band refusing to be called Emo, but willing to accept the money of those who go by that label.

Back with 1 LP and 1 EP under their belt, The Finnish act known as I Was A Teenage Satan Worshipper brings out a brand new LP The Lemonade Ocean for 2008. This time around, they sound more like Julien-K doing something for Shadow The Hedgehog than anything else. Starting off the attack is the Nu Rave-ish “Hello Bubbles.” And, if you’re thinking that this might be some greeting to one of the Power Puff Girls, then you’re brutally wrong. The song does pack dancing Power, and it’s something that you’d definitely want to be close to a Girl for, but there’s nothing Puffy about it. With Bono-esque “Ooh”ings and computer bleeps chirping away on the track, it’s hard not to get caught up inside of it. The song proceeding after that is “OMG, Techno Chicks!!!” and they unleash the female vocalist on the listening party. The song starts off with the regular male lead singer, then the chick joins in to sing with him, until she finally takes over the singing duties on her own. Ending the song with the chanting of “Oh My God, Techno Chicks/Gimme Pills/Gimme Kicks.” On the song “Beat Your Boyfriend,” the band somehow manages to marry similar sounds of The Prodigy with what sounds like a Boss Battle from some highly amped up video game. It’s compelling to hear something so overly driven from this band. Speaking of drive, it wouldn’t be something bad if this tune somehow managed to pop up on the soundtrack for some racing movie/game sometime down the line. “Art School Creeps” totally brings back memories of Sonic The Hedgehog Part 2 (I’m well aware that I mentioned a hedgehog before, but it fits here) & Bubble Bobble (who remembers 8-bit Nintendo). On the title track for the album “The Lemonade Ocean,” the band mellows out and brings out their inner The Birthday Massacre for the song. Strangely enough, if they had more songs like this featured on the album, it would be much easier swallowed without the use of some Rave Drug. The heavy atmospheric sounds and digital ambience make it something to vibe to with ease. The album does, though, begin to change after the song. “Slackers On The Beach” is an Alt. Rock semi-Thrasher song with a Keyboard making its presence known throughout. Surely, this is the hardest track on the album. The closer for the album is appropriately titled”[End Credits].” Why? Because, it feels more like an overly vamped up soundtrack than a traditional album (Even for dancy electronic standards). What’s the peculiar thing is the track is Electro-Shoegazing (Think My Bloody Valentine getting busy on an Amusement Park Ride . . . heck, you could even say Amusement Parks On Fire). It’s a shame that the experimentation with their realm doesn’t kick in until track 8. It would have really pulled in many more fans than what they will. Not to mention the pretty dramatic change in the music from the first half to the second half. Still, for folks who like variety, this band delivers it with this album. Though not their best one, to date, it is a very good offering nonetheless.


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