The Hated Opinionated One

Pendulum Swung Hard in `05

Posted by Scotio on April 9, 2008


Australia is rapidly becoming the site for new and groundbreaking music. Especially in the electronic field. First The Avalanches, then The Presets, now Pendulum. Hold Your Color should have been titled “Hold On To Your Sanity,” as it breaks into sounds that you’ve heard before, but never as groovy. On the Prelude opening track, the narration ends with the words “But, tonight . . . on this small planet . . .on Earth, we’re going to rock civilization.” Pendulum does just that. “Slam” steps in with a funky hip-hop-tinged sound right from the gate. Then, once the phrase from the end of the prelude gets repeated, the song takes a turn for the fast-paced breakbeat soundings that you’d liken to The Prodigy. “Plasticworld” offers up a beautifully orchestra sonic-jazz Lo-Fi sound of Thievery Corporation with cool ambience reminiscent of Boards Of Canada. “Through The Loop” brilliantly samples Gene Wilder from Young Frankenstein. Making classic lines from an even more classic movie into a memorable and possibly future classic club tune. With aggressive drums that make it hard to not feel it directly in your gut with each thumping punch. Jasmine Yee brings her best Sia/Kelli Ali impersonation to “Sounds Of Life.” Fast-Paced, yet somehow oddly mellow and chill worthy. Think of it as being on an amusement ride on a boardwalk. This song is summer at it’s most fun. All da rude bwoys dem with a liking to breakbeating can find comfort on the track “Tarantula.” With assistance from Fresh, Tenor Fly & $pyda, Pendulum brings that Red Yellow & Green vibe for those UK-born Caribbean folks who feels their presence isn’t properly known in the club. The title track “Hold Your Colour,” is nothing to sleep on, but the intro would make you believe that it is something you could sleep to. Clearly the highlight of the album, if you haven’t heard it, then you’re missing out on a key note in life. Plain and simple. Clocking in over 7 minutes long, the album closer “Another Planet” brings more of that The Prodigy sound. It could be due to the fact that they remixed Voodoo People by The Prodigy, or that them loving their music so much made them want to remix it, but either or, the influence is heavily felt. Not just on this song, but throughout the album. Though, not the the extent of calling them a rip-off band. Clearly taking the style, and making it their own (Tyra would be proud). This album is one that will stand the test of time. As long as there are neon lights, strobe lights, pill popping youth, speed demon racers, overly caffeinated DJs, and geeks with a desire to be cool, there will always be a place for this album to reign near the top of the totem pole.


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